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*** Please Note: This offer is just for those NOT working in My Essential Oil Company already.***

Ever wanted your OWN business?  

Have you dreamed of Financial Freedom? 

Are you wanting to help your family  financially while staying at home and being able to raise your children?

Have you been looking for a business that not only affords you the Ability to be Financially Independent, but also offers a Healthy Alternative?

Wouldn’t it be GREAT to have a Business that YOU and your Family are Proud of and use & benefit from Daily?

Wouldn’t it be COOL to not only Impact in a Positive way your Families lives, but others as well? Helping them while they in turn help their families and others!

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 Great Products – Great Business

Aspects I Find Awesome about My Essential Oil Business…

They work with farmers all over the world to harvest plants in their native environment.

Why limit yourself to ONLY Essential Oils ??

Why Not ALSO Offer AND Enjoy For Yourself:

  • Spa Items
  • Skin Care Products
  • Health Products
  • Weight Loss Products
  • Hair Products

 My Essential Oil Business’s mission is to teach people to live more healthy, productive lives and to share the blessing of a lifetime of wellness.

Steps of the Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Proactive Medical Care
  • Informed Self Care
  • Reduce Toxic Load
  • Rest & Manage Stress

Are you interested in health?

Do you want to get your family healthy?


Are you searching for just that right business to start? 

You don’t want something that will make you pennies. You want a business that will give back what you put in. The company I work with is just that company. 

Due to how the FDA changed the rules on how we market – I can no longer tell you in my website the exact company I work with. 

ALTHOUGH – If you contact me I will be happy to let you know all about it. 

THIS is a GREAT month to start!!!

Each month we offer a different special. There is usually a 10% discount on an essential oil or different product we carry. 

ALSO, when you sign up for the LRP (this is NOT required to sign up!!) you receive the FREE Product of the Month.  **This is how I get a LOT of my own products for FREE!**


Join the Journey Promotion:

LRP = Loyalty Rewards Program

PV = Personal Volume

How to Earn with Essential Oils, Health & Beauty Products

  • Enroll as a Wellness Advocate.
  • Place a 100 PV or more enrollment order.
  • Enrollment Order — 35$ enrollment fee and introductory packet.
  • PV is not always equal to the cost of an order. Before completing the enrollment order, a Wellness Advocate must verify that the enrollment order is at least 100 PV.
  • Enrollment orders, once placed, cannot be changed, adjusted, or combined to qualify for the promotion.

What you will get from me Personally if you Join My Team:

  • Welcome Email:
    • List of  Facebook groups you can & should be a part of. ( They are a huge and valuable resource of information, encouragement, and tools to use in your own business.)
    • A list of which Training Videos to watch first. (There are MANY!!! This can be confusing to the beginner. I list them out to importance from the very start.)
    • Information to connect with me Personally on my Facebook Page, FB Wall (personal account), my email, and my phone number so that you can text me with any questions.
    • My Image, PDF, and Presentation SWIPE File. (These in themselves are an invaluable resource for your business and for marketing.) 
  • Bonus: A personal Wellness Consultation 
  • Being a part of the Online Classes I conduct. (If you invite people and they sign up – they are under YOU.)
  • I will personally help you conduct a couple of your Own Online Classes. (I will NEVER leave you high & dry…trying to figure this all out on your own.)
  • You will be a part of my Weekly Individual Biz Consult Calls.
  • You will be a part of my Bi-Monthly Team Skype Calls.
  • Plus, more…

 YOU can earn Free products too!!

  • My Essential Oil Business has an Excellent Back Office for Consultants.

  • A FREE Website to share your products with others.

Pretty COOL Indeed! 

My Essential Oil Business  has an excellent Comp Plan with the Power of 3! Just watch your business grow…!


If you would like more information about the company I work with or If you would like to know how to get the Essential Oils I use….

Let me know by filling out the below Contact Form.

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