Video Blog with Bobbi

This video is a bit long (about 12 minutes), but I just wanted to share my heart with you. More practice for me doing the vlog thing! 🙂 Don’t worry ~ I’ll get better. Just like you getting better in stepping out of your comfort zone. We all need to and we will all get […]

Video Blog – Do Not Give Up On Your Dream!

Hi There – This is Bobbi Raffin with Apron Talk. Oh GOSH ~ We’re looking at houses! YIKES… Talk about a little stressful. Fun, but still stressful. A bit of encouragement …. Don’t give up!!    

Blog Update – WP Theme, Exercise, and Life

Howdy All, Some quick updates for you, our wonderful blog readers. I have been on the quest for the perfect WordPress Theme. I didn’t want to buy one and then not want it anymore. I found one that I can be happy with for at least one year. lol … just kidding. Hmm – well, […]

Video Blog – Exercise Update, Cool Drink, Business and Faith

Be careful with the orange. You don’t want to squeeze it. LOL! If you do squeeze it, make sure that you put the hole up to your mouth or you will have a lap of orange juice… 🙂 I did that right after completing the video. Haha Also,  I would suggest rolling & kind of […]

New Video Blog by Bobbi

  Hi Everyone!! 🙂 I hope you enjoy my video. I will be blogging about the dreaded exercise and eating healthy, starting and growing a home business, family and marriage issues (we touch a lot on blended family issues here), and faith. Today’s segment was about my journey into exercise. Uggh! Everyone has to start […]

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