31 Days of Proverbs – Day 23 – Live A More Disciplined Life

Live a more disciplined life, and listen carefully to words of knowledge. Proverbs 23 – GOD’S WORD Translation (GW) When you sit down to eat with a ruler,    pay close attention to what is in front of you, 2      and put a knife to your throat if you have a big appetite. 3     Do not crave his delicacies,        because this is […]

31 Days of Proverbs – Day 22 – Direct Your Children In The Right Path

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. Proverbs 22 –New Living Translation (NLT) 22 Choose a good reputation over great riches;    being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold. 2 The rich and poor have this in common:    The Lord made them both. 3 A prudent person foresees […]

31 Days of Proverbs – Day 14 – Foolish Words Cause You Trouble

Proverbs 14 – Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) Foolish Words Cause You Trouble 1 A wise woman makes her home what it should be, but the home of a foolish woman is destroyed by her own actions.[a] 2 Those who live right respect the Lord, but dishonest people hate him. 3 Foolish words cause you trouble; wise words protect you. 4 A […]

31 Days of Proverbs – Day 13 – Wickedness Takes Down The Sinner

  Proverbs 13 – Complete Jewish Bible Wickedness Takes Down The Sinner 1 A son who heeds his father’s discipline is wise, but a scoffer doesn’t listen to rebuke. 2 A [good] man enjoys good as a result of what he says, but the essence of the treacherous is violence. 3 He who guards his mouth preserves […]

31 Days of Proverbs – Day 12 – If You Love Learning

Proverbs 12 – Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) If You Love Learning 12 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but one who hates correction is stupid. 2 The good person obtains favor from the Lord, but He condemns a man who schemes. 3 Man cannot be made secure by wickedness, but the root of the righteous is immovable. 4 A capable wife[a] is […]

31 Days of Proverbs – Day 10 – The Wise Words Of Solomon

Proverbs 10 – Expanded Bible (EXB) The Wise Words of Solomon 10 These are the ·wise words [proverbs] of Solomon: Wise ·children [sons] make their father happy, but foolish ·children [sons] make their mother sad. 2 ·Riches gotten by doing wrong [L The treasures of the wicked] have no value, but ·right living [righteousness] will save you […]

I Needed A Dad and God Was There

God is a good God. He is just and merciful. Yes, He does judge us for our sins. He has to. He is Holy and that is His character. The wonderful part is it doesn’t stop there! That is where Jesus stepped in. Jesus volunteers to come down from Heaven, in human form, take on […]

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