I Need Community Even If It Hurts

    Photo courtesy of Tina Evans       Having moved so many times in my life has made it really difficult to become a part of any community or getting a strong network of close friends. Shyness intensifies this. I’ve mostly given up on having close get-together type of friends. When I was […]

The Masquerade Ball Is Over…The Guest Is Set Free!

 All the guests go home. How many will remove their mask? For years I prided myself with how open I was. Never leaning to the fake show that I so disdain. No one really wondered how I felt at any given moment. My feelings were worn on my sleeve, so to speak. With me, you […]

Have You Lost Your Voice In Life?

Find Your Voice – Make A Difference!   I sit here on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 and think upon the morning so many years ago. The Twin Towers were smoking and beginning to crumble. They were hit long before they finally crumbled. That is kind of how life hits us, isn’t it? One hit after […]

Have You Had Feelings Of Suicide or Hopelessness? There IS Hope!

There are so many different reasons a person may want to kill themselves. It could be a situation they are in, being bullied, being abused or tormented, feeling so sad or depressed, or a combination of things in ones life. In this video, I share about the Generation Curse of suicide in my family. I […]

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