I Needed A Dad and God Was There

God is a good God. He is just and merciful. Yes, He does judge us for our sins. He has to. He is Holy and that is His character. The wonderful part is it doesn’t stop there! That is where Jesus stepped in. Jesus volunteers to come down from Heaven, in human form, take on […]

Whatever You Are Full Of Is What People Around You Are Receiving

Whatever You Are Full Of Is What People Around You Are Receiving…     Jesus was full of grace. He was not full of Himself. That’s a marker of pride. I do not want to be that type of person. I want to be full of love, grace, and mercy. Jesus said, “Let your words minister […]

31 Days of Proverbs – Day 3 – Guidance for the Young

  Day 3 – Proverbs 3 – (New King James Version)  Guidance for the Young 1 My son, do not forget my law, But let your heart keep my commands; 2 For length of days and long life And peace they will add to you. 3 Let not mercy and truth forsake you; Bind them around your neck, […]

Day 2 of Showing Your Wife Love

Day 2 for Husbands: When your wife is emotional, sit and listen to her. Don’t think of a response while she’s talking. Really listen to her. It doesn’t have to make sense or be ‘logical’. She needs to just get it out.  

Remorse Shouldn’t Be Expected Of ONLY Others

Don’t expect remorse and humility and repentance to come from others only. Ladies, mothers, wives, daughters, friends …. WE need to show mercy & grace to others First. If we fail at this, we then need to be First with humility and repentance. Let it be a race to the finish line. I WANT to […]

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