Day 9 – Showing Your Husband Love – Speak With Love

Day 9 For Wives Carefully choose your words. Remember to “speak the truth in LOVE.” Sometimes we can be very blunt. We may be saying something absolutely important and correct, but our words will not have the same impact if spoken with bluntness and harshness. Speak the truth with and in LOVE. Use gentle wording and […]

Acquire an Attitude of Gratitude by Bobby Conner

Bobby Conner and Keith Paul Davis and some of my favorite national and international pastors. Of course my own Senior Pastor will always be my favorite, Brad Neuschwander of Life Bible Church. They are located in a little, grass-seed and lamb-ranch, town. ——————————————————————————– Acquire an Attitude of Gratitude (From his Facebook post) By Bobby Conner […]

HAPPY Thanksgiving!! How Dysfunctional Is YOUR Family? With A SONG?

Time To Talk Turkey!! First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you All! I truly hope that you are blessed, healthy and with family. Don’t miss the Thanksgiving Song at the end of this post. I so miss the BIG family gatherings we would have in my family. It was so much fun. It seemed that […]

Day 7: Showing Your Husband Love

Day 7 for Wives:   Make sure you protect your husband’s dignity. Don’t talk down to him or belittle him around others. This can cause a man to put a wall up towards you.     Once a wall is up it can take a long time to tear it down.    If you would like […]

Day 7: Showing Your Wife Love

Day 7 for Husbands: Borrow your wives car and surprise her by bringing it back home to her all washed. If you have the time, have it detailed and make sure to have her favorite scent added. She will really appreciate the kind gesture.        

Day 5 Showing Your Husband Love

Day 5 for Wives: Hold back on arguing with your husband. Even if you don’t agree with him about something, try to not argue with him. Smile and say, “Okay, sweetie”. He’s the leader of your home and yearns for your respect and honor.

Day 4 for Showing Your Husband Love

Day 4 for Wives: Make (or buy) his favorite meal for dinner. Time it well so it is ready a minute or so after he gets home from work. Have his favorite beverage ready and cold (or hot – whatever he likes) in a glass or cup and hand it to him with a kiss […]

Day 4 of Showing Your Wife Love

Day 4 for Husbands: Go shopping with your wife. Do not sigh or look at your watch the whole time. Talk with her and look at the things she shows interest in.

Day 1 for Wives to Show Our Husbands Love

Day 1 for Wives: Make an effort today to show just how important your husband is to you. Don’t forget to tell him.    

Remorse Shouldn’t Be Expected Of ONLY Others

Don’t expect remorse and humility and repentance to come from others only. Ladies, mothers, wives, daughters, friends …. WE need to show mercy & grace to others First. If we fail at this, we then need to be First with humility and repentance. Let it be a race to the finish line. I WANT to […]

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