Decipher Your Teens Texting Lingo

Through all generations the younger group seems to have their own language. The kids lingo, especially with texting is now pretty coded and parents need to know what they mean. It goes so much further than blocking certain inappropriate shows on your TV or setting up the filters on your internet service. I’m listing a […]

HAPPY Thanksgiving!! How Dysfunctional Is YOUR Family? With A SONG?

Time To Talk Turkey!! First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you All! I truly hope that you are blessed, healthy and with family. Don’t miss the Thanksgiving Song at the end of this post. I so miss the BIG family gatherings we would have in my family. It was so much fun. It seemed that […]

Happy Harvest – Dress Up Day!!

Happy Harvest Day & Happy Dress Up Day So many people will be going out to Trick or Treat this evening. I haven’t really celebrated ‘Halloween’ since I was a kid. This is because of how the holiday originates from and it really does not honor God in the least bit. I have let the […]

My Teen Stays Out Until 3 am No Matter How Often I ask Him To Come Home Sooner

Mom’s & Dad’s it is NOT our job to make our kiddos Happy. It IS our job to make them prepared for life. It is very harmful to allow a child or teenager to have whatever they want. Or even to allow them to do whatever they want. I was watching a show and one […]

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