What Social Media Networks Do You use?

Social Media Networks are vast. There are so many, in fact, that I can’t keep up with them. Can you? I have my favorites and for the most part stick with them. Occasionally, I will trail off to others I have not yet spent much time with. Share with us your favorites and any new […]

The BEST Times To Post On Facebook!

I have looked around and have been doing a little research….   Certain people have better ‘luck’ if you will with getting the attention of  others on Facebook. Well, here’s why… Facebook has high and down times. Make sure to post at the most peak times, which are:

Facebook and Down-line TIP

This was shared from another page and is a GREAT Facebook TIP for TEAMS! Do you have a Down-line? Share this with them… ——– “Short Facebook Training: The more you “like” and “comment” on any given post, the more “priority” or status Facebook gives it. The more status a post has, the more prominent it […]

Facebook Getting In The Way? Let It GO And Be SANE!

I often go to other sites with resources for step-families. I recently read a post on Facebook about a lesson in Family Matters. The post was: “You ARE a member of the family, but sadly, not everyone will see it this way. Including the ex, schools, hospitals… This is knowledge you must internalize. No one […]

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