Day 3 of Showing Your Wife Love

Day 3 for Husbands: Surprise your wife with flowers today. You don’t have to buy expensive ones. Safeway usually has very nice bouquets. Ask her what her favorite flowers are. Make a list of about five different ones. If you cannot remember, you can now keep the list with you.

Day 2 of Showing Your Wife Love

Day 2 for Husbands: When your wife is emotional, sit and listen to her. Don’t think of a response while she’s talking. Really listen to her. It doesn’t have to make sense or be ‘logical’. She needs to just get it out.  

Day 1 for Wives to Show Our Husbands Love

Day 1 for Wives: Make an effort today to show just how important your husband is to you. Don’t forget to tell him.    

365 Days of Showing Love To Our Spouse

Howdy All! We are doing something very cool and we think you are going to really love it. We are adding a daily post for both Husbands and Wives of ways we can show our spouses how much we love them. Today is the first day of these posts. Please keep an eye out for […]

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