Day 8: Showing Your Husband Love

Day 8 for Wives:    Men are not the only ones who should plan a get-away.  Wives get out that planner and start a planning. Now think of what your husband would really love for this one. This is for him…  It can be romantic, but don’t plan something so fluffy that he won’t enjoy […]

Day 8: Showing Your Wife Love

Show Her Children Love A Mother’s love and bond to her kids runs deep! Show her that you cherish her kids (even if they are your step-kids) because you cherish her. When you invest your energy and time in her children, you also invest in her. Being kind to them counts as also being kind […]

Day 7: Showing Your Husband Love

Day 7 for Wives:   Make sure you protect your husband’s dignity. Don’t talk down to him or belittle him around others. This can cause a man to put a wall up towards you.     Once a wall is up it can take a long time to tear it down.    If you would like […]

Day 7: Showing Your Wife Love

Day 7 for Husbands: Borrow your wives car and surprise her by bringing it back home to her all washed. If you have the time, have it detailed and make sure to have her favorite scent added. She will really appreciate the kind gesture.        

Day 6 Show Your Husband Love

Day 6 for Wives: How is your craft area? Is it a wonderful mess? Clean it up. Your husband will enjoy that area of your home tidy.

Day 6 Show Your Wife Love

Day 6 for Husbands: Get that long awaited project taken care of. Have you been planning to organize the garage for some time now? Get it done and then bring her out and show her where everything is.

Day 5 Showing Your Husband Love

Day 5 for Wives: Hold back on arguing with your husband. Even if you don’t agree with him about something, try to not argue with him. Smile and say, “Okay, sweetie”. He’s the leader of your home and yearns for your respect and honor.

Day 5 Showing Your Wife Love

Day 5 for Husbands: Give your wife a night off from making dinner and let her rest. She works hard also. Even if you can only make mac & cheese or buy take out. Do the dishes too. Tell her to do something she wants, like taking a bubble bath, read, write,  or watch her […]

Day 4 for Showing Your Husband Love

Day 4 for Wives: Make (or buy) his favorite meal for dinner. Time it well so it is ready a minute or so after he gets home from work. Have his favorite beverage ready and cold (or hot – whatever he likes) in a glass or cup and hand it to him with a kiss […]

Day 4 of Showing Your Wife Love

Day 4 for Husbands: Go shopping with your wife. Do not sigh or look at your watch the whole time. Talk with her and look at the things she shows interest in.

Day 3 of Showing Your Wife Love

Day 3 for Husbands: Surprise your wife with flowers today. You don’t have to buy expensive ones. Safeway usually has very nice bouquets. Ask her what her favorite flowers are. Make a list of about five different ones. If you cannot remember, you can now keep the list with you.

Day 3 of Showing Your Husband Love

Day 3 for Wives: Surprise your husband today by placing a short but sweet love note on his pillow in your bedroom. On your pillow place lingerie with a note that says, “For later”.

Day 2 of Showing Your Husband Love

Day 2 for Wives: If your husband forgets to tell you something, forgive him and let it go. Our husbands work hard and have a lot on their shoulders. Your husband most likely did not keep the information from you on purpose.

Day 2 of Showing Your Wife Love

Day 2 for Husbands: When your wife is emotional, sit and listen to her. Don’t think of a response while she’s talking. Really listen to her. It doesn’t have to make sense or be ‘logical’. She needs to just get it out.  

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