Protect Your Marriage! Affairs Do Not Begin In The Bedroom.

Affairs never, never, EVER begin in the bedroom!

If you have friends that are the opposite sex, you need to be very careful, if not vigilant to keep guarded with that person.

If you are telling this person things you do not tell your spouse then you are already in trouble. This is such a toxic and dangerous situation that is being intertwined together. I would, without a doubt, put a halt to this friendship!

Affairs and transgressions  begin slowly with little grins and compliments. A little flirting here and there. Helping the other person. Texting and emailing. Phone calls that are made conveniently without your spouse around.

John & I are both in our ‘remarriage’ and boldly Took a Stand. Some do not realize this, but when John & I first began dating we decided to delete all of our friends on Facebook that were the opposite sex.

Without going into any detail we have both experienced transgressions in our last marriages. I have also experienced quite a lot in past relationships!

John & I prayed and we both agreed that we would do this to honor each other. We wanted to protect our relationship. This was done way before John ever asked me to marry him.

We have both seen too many indiscretions within marriage and relationships in general. This stand was so very important to us.

John and I first met when we were in the 9th grade. We also went to high school together. In essence we have ‘waited’ 31 years to finally be together. So when we began talking we just knew we were meant for one another.

When this kind of special love came into our lives there wasn’t much that we would not do to protect it.

We kept those within our family, but other than that we felt there was no need to keep them as Facebook friends. Yes, this sounds very harsh. This isn’t for everyone. It was right for us though.

What are you willing to do to protect your marriage? What kind of stand will you make for your marriage? Talk with your spouse or fiance and make a stand today.

Infidelity is not physical only.

It starts with your eyes, thoughts, and heart before it ever becomes physical.

Do NOT stray from spouse.

Don’t be a CHEATER!

Keep your eyes, your thoughts, your heart, AND your hands Always & Only for your SPOUSE!

Remember – Affairs Do Not Start In The Bedroom!

Comment below and let us know how you value and protect your marriage.



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