Guest Blog: Destiny Revealed by Linda C. Newberry

“I think a man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed.”

Nathan Algren, The Last Samurai

Warrior on

I loved the above quote so much so that I watched the movie several times with the sole intent of getting the words just right in my mind…embedding them in my heart. Those words rang true to me because many of us we seem to fall into the real thing we are to do with our lives, rather than plan for it.

It can take years to have this revealed for some and yet others know what it is when they are little people. Young people are told to settle on a major in college. The expectation is for an inexperienced person with limited access to the vast possibilities available in the world to be able to make this critical decision before they are out of high school.

This seems odd. Your life work will consume nearly half of your waking hours for forty years or more. It will represent the greatest outpouring of your intellectual, creative and even physical use of time for the better portion of your life.

A small percentage may know their path clearly. A vast majority will work their way to that understanding.

I have been one of the latter examples. I did not go to college, and I am not suggesting you follow this example…just stating facts. Instead I took classes as the desire hit me, or when specified skills and a deeper knowledge in a subject were needed.

My library is filled with books and CD’s and courses that have helped to develop my knowledge base and given me insight into world I hadn’t known before. Although early on it must have seemed that my major in life was in ‘aimless wandering’…every step, experience and job along the way became a building block to success.

I’ve done what I could until a rather unusual fork in the road placed me in what appears to be my destiny, a destiny I would have not found without the help of God.

It isn’t always easy. Life doesn’t always play fair.

It cannot be expected.

Neither a college education, nor coming up through the ranks in business, nor beginning your life after high school in the military will absolutely guarantee successfully finding your destiny. It comes as much or maybe more through an attitude of tenacity to always do your best every step of the way, it comes through taking risks and failing, then picking yourself up and doing it again.

Finding that destiny is perseverance in life, doing what has been set before you daily, doing it well and keeping your ears and eyes open for opportunities to advance. The thing that is in your heart, that thing you focus on most will continue to guide you.

It will draw encounters with people and the resources needed to achieve your dream. Living aware is responsible living. Through awareness, you will begin to see a pattern emerge. Much has been said about striving to find your purpose.

The Bible has said you were placed here ‘for such a time as this’. This means you have a responsibility to your family, community, country and even your world. Personal responsibility combined with your desire to do something bigger and better today than you did yesterday is inherent.

Write even your wildest dreams down.

As you detail your heartfelt dream the steps for accomplishment appear and as they do…Take Action. Your rewards will be great!

In the meantime… Do what you can, your destiny will be revealed.


Written by Linda C. Newberry

President of PLDC

Guest Blogger- Linda Newberry





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  • This is so well written. We really appreciate your post, Linda! Absolutely Beautiful. ~ Bobbi

  • This is such a nice post. We really appreciate you being one of Guest Bloggers, Linda. So beautiful! Thank you.

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