Getting Organized In 52 Weeks. Who’s With Me?

Here is a ‘doable’ way to get your home organized! AND in 52 weeks! This is one of my down-falls. I am very disorganized. On top of that it is hard for me to function well in clutter and disorganization.  That leaves me with a bad memory and a lot of things missed. I am determined to change […]

Homemade Granola Snack Recipe

Do You Like Granola Snacks As Much As I Do?   If so then this is the recipe for  you. It is so easy to make and is good for you and great for your energy. It incorporates oats, yummy honey, awesome coconut oil and wonderful essential oils. Mix together – Bake – Done – […]

Spotlight – Lime Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil is also known as… ‘The Oil of the Zest for Life’ I find it refreshing just looking at a Lime. LOL! 🙂  How about you?  I love citrus. For good reason too. The Lime Essential Oil is both energizing and refreshing in taste as well as aroma. Not only is it wonderful […]

Ways To Rid Cellulite Naturally!

I HATE Cellulite!       I remember when I was a teen and in my 20’s and I had no cellulite – at least none that I noticed.  After I had my kiddos it became very apparent. Most of the anti-cellulite lotions out there really don’t work. Plus, they are FULL of chemicals! Here’s […]

Free Saturday Event! Natural Solutions Class

Being Held On Facebook This is a FREE Online Class about Natural Solutions for your home and family.  Location: In the Facebook Events – Online Time: 10:30 – 11:30 am PST  Click the image below and you will be taken to the events page. I will be going over the Company, Quality, and some of the […]

Homemade Laundry Detergent

WoWzA! Have you noticed how EXPENSIVE Laundry Detergent is these days?? I have a better way. A way of saving money. Yep – it’s EASY too! MAKE Your Own. It is a time-saver, money-saver, and I must say it’s pretty self-rewarding!  Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent * This works very well for both top or front load […]

Good Morning Energy Smoothie

Good Morning Energy Smoothie Since I have tried to get myself healthy I have been looking up great ingredients I can add to smoothies for energy and nutrients. My health adventure is geared towards alleviating the IBS and Gluten symptoms I’ve lived with for so long.   Ingredients 1/2 cup of Spinach Leaves 2 cups […]

Mix Tip: Homemade Brown Sugar

How would you like to make your own Brown Sugar? It’s a lot easier than you may think. I lived with my Grandparents until I was a little older than 10 and there was one staple my Grandpa made sure was always in the house. That was Molasses. All you need to make Homemade Brown […]

Video Blog – Exercise Update, Cool Drink, Business and Faith

Be careful with the orange. You don’t want to squeeze it. LOL! If you do squeeze it, make sure that you put the hole up to your mouth or you will have a lap of orange juice… 🙂 I did that right after completing the video. Haha Also,  I would suggest rolling & kind of […]

Getting Back On Track With My Pant Size!!

Getting back on TRACK. This time last year I could fit into my then 9-year-old sons jeans – now I can fit into my husbands!!! WHAT!?! YES – they are baggy, but not a lot & they shouldn’t even stay up… 🙂 He wears a 36 in mens Levi’s. I used to wear between a […]

Calling All Foodies ~ Get Published In Our Cookbook!!

Yes ~ YOU!! If you would like to share your wonderful RECIPES, let us know! We are creating an awesome cookbook compiled of our favorite recipes. We want to offer you an awesome opportunity to share your faves too! If we pick your recipe for publication, we will give you a FREE copy of the […]

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