Homemade Granola Snack Recipe

Do You Like Granola Snacks As Much As I Do?   If so then this is the recipe for  you. It is so easy to make and is good for you and great for your energy. It incorporates oats, yummy honey, awesome coconut oil and wonderful essential oils. Mix together – Bake – Done – […]

Spotlight – Peppermint Essential Oil

Oh MY …. How I LOVE Peppermint!! I don’t just like the taste. Oh NO – There is so much more to Peppermint than the Refreshing Minty Taste. Interesting Info: ONE Drop of Peppermint Essential Oil¬† = 28 Cups of Peppermint Tea Tell you WHAT…! My tummy LOVES that. Yes – Peppermint assists in the […]

Spotlight – Lime Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil is also known as… ‘The Oil of the Zest for Life’ I find it refreshing just looking at a Lime. LOL! ūüôā¬† How about you?¬† I love citrus. For good reason too. The Lime Essential Oil is both energizing and refreshing in taste as well as aroma. Not only is it wonderful […]

My Essential Oil Shipment Is HERE!

I LOVE my Essential Oils and Health Products!! I was pretty excited about getting this months order. I was completely out of my Allergy softgels¬†and Peppermint Beadlets. Those are, by far, my FAVORITES.¬†   I’ve been wanting a diffuser so I got one from My Essential Oil Company¬†instead of another site. It makes sense as […]

How About A Sample Pack – FREE!!

This is how much I BELIEVE in these products. I am willing to GIVE them away to show YOU their AWESOMENESS.¬† I would love to send you a FREE Sample Pack.¬† Have you TRIED Essential Oils yet?¬† Have you tried MY Essential Oils?? If you haven’t this is your chance… Everyone who I know that […]

Ways To Rid Cellulite Naturally!

I HATE Cellulite! ¬† ¬† ¬† I remember when I was a teen and in my 20’s and I had no cellulite – at least none that I noticed.¬† After I had my kiddos it became very apparent. Most of the anti-cellulite lotions out there really don’t work. Plus, they are FULL of chemicals! Here’s […]

Free Saturday Event! Natural Solutions Class

Being Held On Facebook This is a FREE Online Class about Natural Solutions for your home and family.¬† Location: In the Facebook Events – Online Time: 10:30 – 11:30 am PST¬† Click the image below and you will be taken to the events page. I¬†will be going over the Company, Quality, and some of the […]

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