Grow That Contact List for Your Biz!

We all start somewhere in our business… At the Beginning!  We ALL want to grow our business. Whether you are in direct sales for a company or create your products – You Need To Market your products and business. Years ago marketing was more about hard sales and network marketing. It is now, more than […]

About ME On My Facebook Page

Sometimes I just want to share Stuff about me or about my business or just about stuff. Anyway – IF you have EVER been curious of what exactly IS behind that About tab on my Facebook page – Here It Is: Online Biz & Women’s Ministry ~ I’m Crazy4Jesus and offer Godly Inspiration, Trainings, VIP […]

What Social Media Networks Do You use?

Social Media Networks are vast. There are so many, in fact, that I can’t keep up with them. Can you? I have my favorites and for the most part stick with them. Occasionally, I will trail off to others I have not yet spent much time with. Share with us your favorites and any new […]

Do You Want To Become A Published Author? YOU Can Do It and It’s Easy!

Have you ever wanted to PUBLISH Your Writing, eBook, or Blog? I sure wanted that. I wanted to publish my writing so bad. It’s been one of my passions for a long time. I decided that for the writing I wanted to do, which is informative to start out with, would best be self-published. I […]

How Do You Stay Productive?

During the summer months I have a hard time staying productive. I look out the window and long to be out there. Then I think to myself, “OKAY!!” All I have to do is pick up my laptop or tablet or cell phone or even the good old-fashion piece of paper (depending on which I […]

You Cannot Change Your Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes! So I was told.

Hello Friends,     Okay – well you know how I say to brand yourself? You are the brand… If you don’t, you need to visit my Facebook page. Oh – wait on that just a minute. Here’s my issue. I actually had to do a bit of an edit to this post… See This is what […]

Subscribe to Apron Talk’s aNews and Get A FREE eBook!

    FREE eBook has 12 pages of FANTASTIC Tips, Event Ideas, and Resources to bring in that valued traffic to Your Blog! You’ll love the techniques and suggestions given in this downloadable PDF. eBook Topic Examples: Giveaways & FREEBIES! Contests Challenges Create A Blogger Group Post An Interview Create A Tour Of ‘Our Favorite […]

Social Media Tip: Don’t Steal. Have Good Social Media Manners!

One of my biggest pet peeves in social media right now is ‘Quote Stealing’. Some people may not realize what a big impact it has when they  ‘borrow’ or just merely type out a write-up or quote on their Facebook wall or page without giving the due credit. Urrr! That just frosts my cookies! LOL! […]

The BEST Times To Post On Facebook!

I have looked around and have been doing a little research….   Certain people have better ‘luck’ if you will with getting the attention of  others on Facebook. Well, here’s why… Facebook has high and down times. Make sure to post at the most peak times, which are:

An Example Of The Resources That Will Be Added To My New eBook

Here is just one example of ALL the fun Resources I’ll be adding in one of the next eBooks I’m writing for Online Entrepreneurs!! So MANY more will be included. 🙂 Sign up for Apron Talk’s aNews to get Updates! Can you actually read the below sentence?? All I can make out is ‘Google Translate’.

Video Blog – Exercise Update, Cool Drink, Business and Faith

Be careful with the orange. You don’t want to squeeze it. LOL! If you do squeeze it, make sure that you put the hole up to your mouth or you will have a lap of orange juice… 🙂 I did that right after completing the video. Haha Also,  I would suggest rolling & kind of […]

We just joined Instagram!! Come on over and join us.

                          I just joined Instagram!! Bobbi on Instagram Stop by and follow me.      If you would like information about My Essential Oil Company or how I make money with Essential Oils ~  Click Here and Fill Out the Form at the bottom of […]

Small Biz Productivity Tips For Those In Need of Spring

            Wow – this week is already half way over. How are you doing with getting things done? Could you use some help? I know I have struggled with being efficient and productive lately. Maybe its Spring Fever setting in… I need some sunshine and quick. LOL! John & I […]

Blog Ideas That You Can Do NOW To Generate Traffic

Blog Traffic Generating Ideas   Has your blog or website dropped in the numbers of visitors or the interaction of your current visitors? Maybe you never had too many viewers in first place, but this can change for you. Have you ever wondered what in the world you could do to get the traffic you feel […]

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