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We are Doing a Make-Over.  

I am taking all this fun Biz Stuff and putting it on my Biz site.

You can find Business Help at



I’ll let ya’all know when I have completed this awesome task and show ya the way on over there. For now, Keep Visiting. Oh – and for goodness sakes – Say Hi…! :)




Topics Include:

  • Christian Faith
  • Re-Marriage
  • Step-Family Issues
  • Old Time Tips, Tricks & Homemade Remedies ~ A lot I learned on Moon Mountain


From a Woman’s viewpoint balanced by a Man’s perspective. It all blends together.

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Bobbi Raffin is a Christian Online Business Consultant who specializes in:


  • Learn How God Will Bless You
  • How To Start & Grow an Online Business
  • Learn How To Blog & Make Money at Blogging(Content is KEY!)
  • Blogging Platforms (There are many you can use.)
  • WordPress (Please don’t use the ‘online’ WordPress.com version. ASK me Why…)
  • Marketing (Learn the Best way to market and say No to yesterdays Network Marketing!)
  • Direct Sales (Find one that is right for you & and actually make money with it.)
  • eBook Creation (Yes ~ Even YOU can be a Published Author.) :)
  • Vlogs (Also known as Video Blogs or Weblogs.)
  • Membership Sites (This is the BEST way to create a Subscription with Payment.)
  • Resources Galore (Bobbi has a collection of her favorite resources and tools.)


Make sure to check out our Blog, first tab in the top column, and Leave Those Comments. We hope you enjoy your time here.

God Bless & Make this The Best Day EVER,

Bobbi Raffin


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